Garden Inspirations is a company focused on providing high-quality art forms as either sculptures OR needle felting art. Each piece is unique and end result is a piece made with natural fibre materials. I believe strongly in recycling, – why let something end up in a landfill when it can be repurposed into a beautiful form of art. Items that I use often give a second life to are cotton t-shirts, heirloom doilies, odds and ends of cotton, linen or wool fabrics, heirloom lace, ribbons and jewellery, sea shells, sand, buttons, packing paper, birch bark, moss, granite pieces for bases, unique and interesting rocks, pieces of driftwood, lamb and sheep wool, feathers, the possibilities are endless, the pieces, each unique..

The art of fabric sculpting and needle felting are my favourite art forms and my goal with each piece is to capture the uniqueness and character of the subject as well as to generate a mood or emotion. The combination of colours and textures makes each one-of- a-kind sculpture come alive and an engaging addition to any home or garden. .

If you are interested in trying this technique on your own, sculpture workshops are available, please send an email to .

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